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Manual Wood Cutter

The manual input in given to the system by means of rotating handling or pedaling by leg. This makes the axle to rotate and also makes the helical gear wheel to rotate. Since the handle is rotated in clockwise direction, the gear wheel rotates in clockwise direction as per the rotational direction of handle.

This motion is transmitted to the pinion by the external meshing. Since the pinion size is 3times more than size of the wheel  the pinion shows 3revolution for one revolution of wheel. As the pinion rotates the connected sprocket also rotates , Thus the rotary motion of sprocket in converted in to linear motion of chain meshing with it.

This makes the sprocket at the top to rotate, so the cutting tool also gets rotated by means of axle connected for single revolution of the wheel ,the tool rotates 3times . so the 300tooth cutter, the wooden work piece. so the cutting operation occurs an faster and better for low of feed itself, thus the wooden piece in manually using the manual wood cutting machine.

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