e-Friends is an organization built by Government for the people. In this fast world there was no time for waiting in the queue to pay the bills. But Friends help us to pay bills easily and take less time to pay bills. It works on Sunday also, so it is useful for the people. Friends are a union of six departments. This organization has no employees and the people who work in this are from each department. Moreover two persons for each department. ‘e-Friends’ allows the users to pay the bills through Internet.

The money we pay in this are deposited in the bank or in the treasury. Once the money paid it will updated by the respective departments. The working time of friends is from 9 AM to7PM. There are two shifts for the employees i.e., from 9 AM to 2 PM and from 2 PM to 7 PM. The salary was paid by their own departments. The two employees are from CDIT. From these 20 members a leader was selected and he controls all the activities. And he has the power to keep Rs.1 lakh in his hands. The employees transfer bill details to each department and collect money from the bank or treasury.

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