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Automatic Cooling System

The project is to introduce automatic cooling unit instead of manual cooling process through design and fabricating the reservoir of the unit. Automatic cooling unit is a system typically delivers a controlled amount of coolant to specific locations on a machine while the machine is operating, at specific times from a central location. when the temperature at the work piece is increased above the reference temperature, the automatic coolant unit will activate and automatically pumps coolant and will reduce the temperature.

The temperature sensor or thermistor is placed near to the tool or work piece, as a result the thermistor senses the temperature from the tool -work piece interface and sends an electrical signal to the amplifier. The electrical signal is amplified by using amplifier, then this signal is send to the comparator then the comparator compares both input and reference signal. If the input signal is greater than the reference signal then the relay gets activated automatically to control the temperature to a certain level. So the coolant is pumped from the reservoir to the tool- work piece interface. Similarly when the temperature decreases below the reference value the control unit deactivates the pump by using the relay. The process will continue according to the increase and decrease of the temperature.

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